The Gerry Cloak trophy was installed by the club as the senior set ups club man of the year trophy in memory of Gerry. Below you can see a list of the deserved winners throughout the years. Each and every one have gone above and beyond in their service to the St. John Bosco F.C. senior set up and have shown great commitment to the club, as Gerry did during his time as a senior player. 



2003-2004 Fran Carroll

2004-2005 Noel Donnan

2005-2006 Colm Martin

2006-2007 Noel Donnan

2007-2008 Ken Gorey

2008-2009 Paddy Doyle

2009-2010 Paddy Doyle

2010-2011 David Woods

2011-2012 Ian Byrne

2012-2013 Paddy Doyle

2013-2014 David Kiernan

2014-2015 Robert Wilson

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