A set of core values informs the approach of the St John Bosco Football Club in achieving its mission. These are:


Volunteering: fostering volunteering, self-help and active citizenship for the benefit of local football and society in general


Quality: encouraging and facilitating best practice in the managing of the teams and players of the Club itself


Accountability and Transparency: being accountable to all stakeholders, members, funders, donors, statutory bodies


Diversity and Equality: welcoming and promoting diversity among the individuals we play with and supporting those who are disadvantaged to play an active role in the Club


Mutual Support, Cooperation, Networking and Sharing: encouraging a spirit of cooperation and sharing, as a way of maximising the effective use of resources and building a more cohesive Club

Inclusivity We actively welcome children of all playing levels and pride ourselves on creating an environment which allows children of mixed abilities to express themselves through football. We believe in the value of teamwork and providing a sense of belonging in their local team and community

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